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Atlanta, GA Age: 14 / Grade: 8 Disability Type: Hearing impairment, Speech impairment
Dillon Stevenson
Atlanta, GA Age: 14 / Grade: 8 Disability Type: Hearing impairment, Speech impairment
scene 1


Dillon receives confusing communication after missing the initial registration deadline for all-remote learning.

Right before start of school
I initially registered for in-person classes, but my aunt is a cancer survivor with a weakened immune system, so her doctor ordered us to all stay home to limit her exposure. Because this change happened after the registration deadline, there were a few weeks of confusing paperwork and I wasn't sure if I would even be allowed back...
It's so hard to know that Dillon is struggling and that I can't be home to help. I'm very grateful he has his aunt's support...
I wanted Dillon to be able to go to school because he gets much more of the disability supports he needs when he's there in person, but my doc won't let it happen...
scene 2


Dillon has trouble reading lips during his online classes

A few weeks into school
Due to his late registration, the school is a bit delayed in getting Dillon proper equipment for his hearing and speech impairments.
Class on Zoom is difficult for me because some students who are at school are wearing masks on the video call, which makes it impossible for me to read lips... The lag on the software and the lack of proper headphones also makes it hard for me to keep up...
Tech access inventory--wireless, device access, working at Aunt and sister's house.
Troubleshoot and provide him wifi to carry in his backpack.
Special educator
I know Dillon is worried about not getting the proper supports at home, but we will get the students everything they need...
preparation for disability meeting and a set of diagnostics need to be completed prior to the meeting, including the PSAT. His teachers assign Kahn Academy set of resources to speak to SAT writing skills. One of his teachers assigns him a recorded speech/video that he performed over the summer.
Speech-Language Pathologist
I've been trying everything to get equipment delivered to our students with hearing impairments, but our school has been waiting for assistive technology that is in high-demand and has been back-ordered since the summer...
scene 3

Basketball court

Dillon sees his girlfriend for the first time since quarantine.

checkpoint of mobility and transportation challenges. Gap btw anticipated performance, attendance and quality of assignments.
weekly check-ins and intervention with tech teacher and peers.
A few weeks later--mid October/November
I haven't been able to see my girlfriend all summer since my aunt was sick, but now I finally get to see her once a week at the basketball court, where all of our friends hang... I know I have to be careful for my aunt but everything seems like a risk now...
scene 4

Student council

Dillon and the student council are planning the Valentines Day formal for 8th graders on video

A few weeks into second semester, after winter break
Valentine's Day is on Sunday, February 14th
After several weeks, the school is able to get Dillon proper headphones, which make his online meetings go much more smoothly.
As student council president, I plan schoolwide events and try to ensure the student body is connected... We're trying to plan the Valentine's Day formal dance, our biggest event as eighth graders, but I have to join all of the video meetings from my phone. The video call means my peers can see where I live, which is embarrasing because I have had to move between my sister's and my Aunt's house due to quarantine and my peers don't have to do that.
scene 5

Scholarship application

Dillon's computer science teacher helps him to fill out his scholarship application.

Mid spring semester, nearing application deadline
I was worried with everything that happened at the start of the year, I would fall behind in school and my grades would no longer qualify for the Achievement scholarship for computer robotics supplies and subscriptions to software services for high school. Luckily, my computer science teacher has gone out of his way to help me get the application in on time.
Trusted adult/ Computer science teacher
Dillon is one of my best students. I want him to get this scholarship as much as he does, because these tools will help him to fully realize his academic potential.
Initially, we moved Dillon into my house so that he would be in the right district to attend this school. He's worked too hard to let a few technical difficulties and administrative setbacks ruin that for him...
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